Guys Stab Each Other Over iPhone Versus Android Debate

iPhone and Android Stabbing
Two men in Tulsa, Oklahoma were arrested after they stabbed each other during a heated argument over iPhone versus Google Android devices. The incident occurred at Evergreen Apartments at 1 am Friday morning.

Police arrived at the apartment to find one of the men with bloody cuts all over his head and body. The man, Jiro Mendez, was wandering around the apartments parking lot and was visibly intoxicated.

According to KTUL, Mendez told officials he and his roommate, Elias Ecevo, just had a heated debate over whether an iPhone or Android was the better device.

Mendez alleged that Ecevo hit him several times with a broken glass bottle before making away with his car.

Police approached apartment and found Ecevo, who was also covered in blood from beer bottle wounds. Police also spoke with an unnamed man who was reportedly not involved in the stabbing.

Both men were taken to the hospital where they were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Police searched Mendez’s car which was located near the apartment complex. The vehicle was also covered in blood.

Both men were booked in Tulsa and an investigation is ongoing.

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