Guys Are Getting Vasectomy’s So They Can Stay Home For March Madness


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Getting a vasectomy is a great way to get out of work for a couple of days. Many guys who were already planning to go under the knife have realized that it’s also the perfect way to avoid the office while watching up to 32 NCAA basketball games in 48 hours. That’s right folks, March Madness is also vasectomy madness.

Apparently many urology clinics throughout the United States have realized March Madness is the perfect time to market their services, and they have created “Vas Madness” campaigns aimed at basketball lovers.

Many fans are watching games on their smartphones and even logging in to watch the sporting event on their work computers. Others are calling in sick and using their personal days to catch March Madness.

“Vas Madness” began in 2008 when an Oregon practice ingeniously made the connection and began marketing it.

Here’s a brilliant example of Vas Madness marketing:

Dr. Ed Sabanegh of the Cleveland Clinic told CNN that vasectomy appointments increase by 50% during March Madness.

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