Grief-Stricken Beastie Boys Hit with Lawsuit

Whoa, talk about bad timing…Just one day before the death of Beastie Boys co-founder Adam “MCA” Yauch, the groundbreaking hip-hop group was hit with a lawsuit over the use of samples on two of their most critically-acclaimed albums — 1989’s Paul’s Boutique and the band’s 1986 debut Licensed to Ill.

Recording label Tuf America alleges that the blockbuster albums illegally sample the 1982 songs “Drop the Bomb” and “Say What” from Washington, D.C.-based go-go band Trouble Funk. Licensed to Ill’s “Hold It Now Hit It” and “The New Style” and Paul’s Boutique’s “Car Thief” and “Shadrach” allegedly yanked elements from Trouble’s “Drop the Bomb” and “Say What.”

The lawsuit was submitted in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on May 3, one day before Yauch — also known as MCA — died after a three year battle against cancer in his parotid gland and a lymph node.

Capitol Records is also named in the suit.


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