Greg Oden Admits Pictures Are Of Him… Apologizes

Greg Oden has confessed that the nude pictures are in fact photos that he took of himself about 1.5 years ago.

“First, I’d like to apologize to everybody … Portland, the fans, the organization. It was very embarrassing,” Oden said to reporters. “It was something that happened over a year and a half ago. I’m very sorry, and I’m definitely embarrassed for my family and everybody…”

“It was a lady friend who I was having a relationship with, and it was just for her. It was definitely meant to keep private.”

“I definitely learned a lot since it happened. Like I said, it was over a year and a half ago. I’ve definitely matured since then. You have to be careful with what you do, and who you trust.”

“I’m obviously disappointed having worked so hard to get to where I was. This is a setback but I’ll be back. It’s in God’s hands now.”

“I want to thank the fans, my teammates and everyone in the Blazers family for all of their good thoughts.”

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