Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Owes The Hiltons A Favor

Wonder why Paris is trying to wiggle out of her impending jail sentence by obtaining a pardon for California’s “governator?” Well, it looks like the Arnold could owe the Hilton family a solid.

The Hilton Hotels donated almost $60,000 to Schwarzenegger’s campaign funds over the years.

A review of campaign contributions shows that Hilton Hotel founder/Paris granddad, W. Barron Hilton, and the Hilton Hotels gave a total of $59,600 to Arnold’s campaigns between Sept. 3, 2003, and May 9, 2006.

Schwarzenegger’s press secretary, Aaron McLear, has gone on spin control:

“The governor makes decisions on what he believes is in the best interest of the people of California, not the Hiltons….There are legal remedies for her to pursue before the governor would become involved in this.”

The phrase “Bitch please” comes to mind.

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