Google Easter Egg Shows Android Robot Peeing On Apple Logo

Android Robot Peeing on Apple Logo

Google loves to hide easter eggs inside of its applications. This time around an employee at the company has taken Google Maps to a whole new level of tomfoolery. If you know where to look you can watch as the Google Android Robot takes a pee on an Apple that looks very familiar.

The Easter Egg is a familiar take on a popular Calvin and Hobbs sticker in which Calvin is caught taking a pee on Ford/Chevy/Dodge stickers.

If you want to check out the Google Maps easter egg you can visit a specific set of coordinates that will provide you with the geeky graffiti. If you don’t want to click the link for the coordinates you can simply search for the New Islamabad Airport and head due East.

Google doesn’t tend to take these type of shots directly at Apple, which likely means that someone at Google who loves tomfoolery is likely on their way out at the company.

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