Golden Globe’s 2015 Fashion Misses


Not every celebrity who’s invited to award shows and walks the red carpet, get it right with the perfect style and all together look. It’s actually one of our favorite moments: to see the hits and misses of celebrity fashion. It’s funny to see how someone with so much money, accessibility, and designer relationships, cannot…

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The Golden Globe Red Carpet 2015- These Women Got It Right


One of the best things about award shows is the red carpet fashion. As much money as these glamorous actors make, we all want to see which ones have a great stylist and which ones don’t. In this collection we will see all the women and some with their husbands, who happened to bring the…

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Fewer Goodies for Golden Globes

If there’s one thing celebrities love, it’s FREE STUFF. Unfortunately, the days of fully-loaded “goodie bags” might be a thing of the past, starting with this year’s Golden Globes, after the IRS said it was looking into treating gift bags as taxable income. No one will be taking home over $20,000 in loot like last…

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