Glenn Beck Cancelled?

Beck Getting Boot?

Beck-Free TV may be closer than you think. Has Christmas come early for detractors of political crackpot Glenn Beck?

Don’t get too excited yet, but it’s looking more and more like the end of the road for the conservative FOX News pundit Whoopi Goldberg once dubbed “a lying sack of dog mess.” The New York Times cites reliable sources who say FOX execs are reportedly considering dropping the controversial talk-show host when his contract expires in December (Yippee!) — a consideration prompted by a precipitous drop in ratings and fears that his outrageous rants are damaging their credibility.

Ya think?

Just how down in the dumps are Becky’s rants. Well, after the contentious health-care debate and midterm elections, Beck’s viewership dropped 30 percent, translating a loss of 1 million viewers in the young demographic. Hundreds of advertisers have pulled out as well, The Times points out.

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