“Glee” Star Dianna Argon Dating Sebastian Stan Of “Gossip Girl”

It’s a Glee/Gossip Girl hookup! We hear Glee beauty Dianna Agron has found love with the ex-boyfriend of Gossip Girl stunner Leighton Meester.

After things went south with his co-star/girlfriend Leighton, G.G. actor Sebastian Stan has reportedly traveled to the set of Glee in his search for a new love.

Stan, 26, is reportedly dating Glee beauty Dianna, 24, but according to Life & Style Magazine, the pair are taking things slowly and working hard to keep their relationship under wraps.

“They’ve been going out on dates in NYC,” a source told the mag. “It started as just a hookup, but now they’re dating. Sebastian doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as with [ex-girlfriend] Leighton [Meester]. She was so public, he’s more focused on his own career right now and wants to just have fun with Dianna without it being this big thing.”

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