“Glee” Nail Polish On Sale At Sephora Next Month!

It looks like Glee Fever isn’t just a hit on the small screen and the pop charts. The Emmy-nominated musical-comedy is now creating a frenzy on the fashion scene.

When TV’s favorite high school misfits return to the tube for the second half of their sophomore season, stylistas can celebrate the affair with decoratively-painted mani-pedis.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy and producers of the popular FOX comedy have partnered with cosmetics giant Sephora for a limited-edition collection of OPI Glee nail polish that will be hitting shelves in February, Women’s Wear Daily said Tuesday.

Is there nothing the Gleeks can’t do?

Murphy says crafting a collection of beauty products based on the show has been in the works for months — and isn’t going to end with this line. Glee bosses are also in talks to create other makeup products and fragrances.

Here’s what we know so far: Glee Nail Color will be available everywhere Sephora products are sold. The seven Glee nail polish colors available will be: “Slushied” (Blue), “Hell to the No” (Purple), “Gleek Out” (Gliterry Green), “Diva-in-Training” (Pink), “Who Let The Dorks Out” (Green),”Miss Bossy Pants” (Raspberry), and “Mash-Up” (Grey). If you buy the set you will get three additional shades “Celibacy Club” (Diamond Top Coat), “Express Yourself To Yourself” (Coral), and “Sue Vs. Shue” (Navy Blue). Fans can also pick up Chic Prints For Nails Design Appliqués in special Glee designs.

The Glee Nail Polish Collection, which will retail for $9.50 a bottle, is expected to net approximately $1.5 million in sales, according to early projections.

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