“Glee” Casting Rachel Berry’s Gay Dads

Producers of TV’s smash musical-comedy Glee are courting some of Hollywood’s most notable male leads to play the coveted roles of Lea Michele’s gay parents.

The Glee cast may soon be joined by some combination of Elton John, Hugh Jackman, or Taye Diggs — who are the favorites to portray the fatherly duo Glee Club star Rachel Berry during the show’s sophomore season, premiering next month, The National Enquirer yaps in its Aug. 23 issue.

Diggs already has one foot in the door: The Private Practice stud is married to Broadway vet and Lea Michele doppleganger Idina Menzel, who plays Rachel’s biological mom, Shelby Corcoran on the smash dramedy. However, Lea is pushing for Elton John to guest star as at least one of her on-screen dads — particularly since “she’s itching to do a duet” with the legendary “Rocket Man.”

“…No one’s opposed to Elton John or another star with strong vocal abilities,” a TV tipster tells The Enquirer.

Other Hollywood stars also in the running to play Rachel’s “Gay Dads” include: Full House alum John Stamos (who has already been cast as a guest star for Glee’s second season), rocker Jon Bon Jovi, Sean Hayes of Will & Grace fame, Broadway alum Matthew Broderick, and goth rocker Marilyn Manson.

The Emmy-winning show is expected to announce the eagerly-awaited casting decision soon.

What say you, PopCrunch? Who would you like to see play Rachel’s parents on Glee?

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