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Give This Vending Machine Bottles To Recycle And It Feeds Homeless Pets


Feeding Dogs and Cats with Vending Machines

Turkey is one of the largest cities in the world with nearly 14 million urbanites calling the area home. With that many people dwelling in Turkey, it should come as no surprise that there are also thousands of stray animals. The stray cats and dogs have become a huge problem for local government officials, but a unique and brilliant solution has been invented to help them feed the animals.

A new vending machine that recycled plastic bottles has been setup. The machine feeds stray animals by dispensing food whenever the recycled bottled are deposited.

Many of the animals brought into Turkey are delivered by animal smugglers who sneak pure bred puppies and other unique pets into the city. Those animals have been starving to death and that’s why Turkish company Pudgeon stepped in with the unique vending and recycling program. The machines release food and water, helping save animals lives while also cleaning up local streets. Company officials are particularly proud of the vending machines because of the awareness they are raising to the mounting homeless animal issue.

Water is constantly refilled and money collected from the recycled bottles go into buying more food and for maintaining the machines.

Turkey Vending machines exchange plastic bottles for dog and cat food and water

The vending machines are not a long-term solution, but can the internet really say no to cute little kittens:

Recycling Vending Machine Feeding Kittens

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