Nikki Reed Wants You To “Give-A-$h!t”

Has anyone ever told you that people have the power to change the world? You don’t say! Well, allow us to introduce you to a charity that feels the same way.

Have you heard of

No, really… isn’t like all those other charities. Oh no — they aren’t asking you to give them your hard-earned dineros. Instead, they’re simply asking you to — well — Give-a-Shit. Literally. The goal of Give-a-Shit (aka, GAS) is to engage and enlist youngsters to care about changing the world through the power of positive thinking.

No need to fork over your time or money.

Just care.

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others (aka, Give-a-Shit),” reads the mission statement. But if you need additional clarification, just ask Twilight starlet, and all-around famous person, Nikki Reed. As the official spokesperson of the Give a Shit campaign, Nikki believes that “by harnessing the power of our most natural act, we can change the world.”

Check out the above video of Nikki explaining why you should Give-a-Shit too. And don’t forget to visit the Official Website. You can even follow this shit on Twitter: @GiveaShit2

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