Giuliana and Bill Rancic “Still hopeful for a baby”

E! news anchor and reality television star, Giuliana Rancic, has had her hands full these last few months. The Rancic’s had been attempting to get pregnant when 36 year-old Giuliana, discovered that she had breast cancer . In an exclusive interview with Glamour Magazine, Giuliana is opening up about her diagnosis and their future as a family.

“I wanted to yell from a rooftop and cry and scream,” says Giuliana. “Bill was the one who said, ‘Calm down’—and he got out a legal pad….He goes, ‘We’ve got to make a list and figure out the pros and cons of a lumpectomy with radiation and anti-estrogen therapy, and the pros and cons of a mastectomy. Let’s figure this out.'”

Giuliana also confirmed that the couple just met with their fertility doctor, “We’re waiting to get the green light that I can get pregnant, but if for some reason I can’t carry children myself, then we’re open to surrogacy; we’re open to adoption.”

The new season of Giuliana & Bill on Style Network premieres April 3rd at 8pm.

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