‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Is Almost/Definitely/Maybe Coming to Netflix!


gilmore_girls_lauren_graham_alexis_bledel_stillLauren Graham will neither confirm nor deny the “rumors,” but the deal is reportedly closed. That’s right: “Gilmore Girls” fans’ greatest dream has come true. Netflix has reportedly closed a deal to bring four 90-minute episodes of “Gilmore Girls” written by the original creator Amy-Sherman Palladino. It looks like we’re finally getting those final four words, eight years after the show ended.

Even though negotiations are just starting, it looks like the most important players are on board: Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, and Scott Patterson are all reprising their Stars Hollow roles.

Since “Gilmore Girls” ended eight years ago, fans of the show have been rabid to hear the final four words that the original creator and writer Amy Sherman-Palladino had planned. The seventh season of the show was not penned by Sherman-Palladino; due to contract disputed with the WB, she left before writing the final season. As a result, the last season is fans’ least favorite by far, lacking the subtle charm and quick wit that distinguished it from every other show on TV.

For eight years, fans have been wishing for a movie. But now, it looks like we’re getting four.

Thus is the magic of Netflix.

Netflix has the unique power to manipulate its target audiences by buying and featuring cult favorites and programs that induce nostalgia. They’re also responsible for original shows that dominate pop culture, like the mega popular “Orange Is The New Black.”

When “Gilmore Girls” reruns came to Netflix on Oct. 1 of 2014, the Internet was immediately awash in exclamation points and the dancing-girl emoji. The show on Netflix not only meant that longtime fans could catch up and watch it conveniently, but it also introduced the show to whole new groups of people who were too young to catch it the first time.

It spawned BuzzFeed articles, think pieces, thousands of gifs, Tumblr pages, and finally: that reunion at the ATX Festival.

Netflix is a mighty power, and they know how to give the public what they want. In the age of Internet, it’s easier than ever for a company to tap into its target demographic and figure out what they’re dying to see. It looks like the almighty Internet “Gilmore Girls” fandom has spoken, and King Netflix has listened to our pleas.


Are we obsessed? Maybe addicted—like the Girls are addicted to coffee.

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