The Get Down, Hip Hop Drama Receives Green Light From Netflix

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Riveting news waits for the drama fans. Netflix is going to broadcast The Get Down TV series.


The Get Down is a TV series. It is created by Shawn Ryan as well as Baz Luharmann. Baz Luharmann is an Australian film director as well as screenwriter.  He directed a large number of movies like Strictly Ballroom, The great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet, Australia as well as Moulin Rouge. On the other hand, Shawn Ryan is an American movie director as well as screenwriter. He directed lots of movies like The Shield, The Chicago etc. He also directed many TV series like-The unit, Last resort, Terriers, Lie to me etc.

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Baz Luharmann and Shawn Ryan declared that The Get Down drama series will be aired in the year of 2016. Total episodes of this series will be 13 and the duration of every episode is determined around 1 hour. It took 10 years to develop the concept of this series and Luhrmann worked hard for this drama series.  Netflix will telecast The Get Down series. Only the first 2 episodes as well as season finale will be directed by Baz Luharmann. Catherine Martin will design the costume.


Paul Watters, Stephen Adley Guirgis, Marney Hochman, Thomas Kelly will serve as the executive producer. Cindy Holland who is the vice president of Netflix told that entire teams of Netflix will provide them all kinds of support. The Get Down drama focuses on the broken down, beaten up, cash trapped- dying as well as violent  teenagers of  South Bronx.


So, keep close and get the news updates about the drama series The Get Down.

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