German thinks Pam Anderson is the BEST

On a nocturnal wine induced web crawl, I stumbled across this website while searching for “celebrity polls.” On this site a German fellow named Stefan presents a clunky, dated website that brings all his passions to one place – physics, German politics and American celebrities.

He has created a celebrity polls page where you can vote for celebs in the following categories: Most beautiful, most graceful, nicest and most erotical. What exactly IS ‘erotical’? Whatever. Curious, I clicked on all four to see how people were ranked and Pamela Anderson was at the top of EVERY list. Come on, German people. She can’t be ALL those things!

Stefen also has a page dedicated to Pam and links about Pam including a list of polls dedicated specifically to Pam. Methinks we’re a little into Pam. And Pam just HAPPENS to be #1 on all his polls. This begs the question: Does Stefan sit home all day and take his own celebrity polls? I’m onto that wacky German.
“Hmmm…. the most erotical? I think I’ll go with… Pam Anderson today. Da.”

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