Gerald Butler talks Rehab

Scottish actor Gerald Butler is opening up about his time in the Betty Ford Clinic.

“Maybe a stronger person wouldn’t have needed to go,” Butler said in a recent interview with Men’s Journal magazine. “When you hear the word rehab, you think, ‘He’s a mess, he’s f–ked up.’ But I’m glad I did it. I’ve made a s–tload of wrong decisions in my life. But I know I’ve made some right ones as well.”

Butler spent three weeks in therapy at the Clinic, says he hasn’t had a drink in 15 years. But he entered the clinic after he began a pain-management regiment when he was injured in a surfing accident for filming of Chasing Mavericks.

“I was actually taking a minimal amount [of pills] when I went in,” Butler recalls. “It was more about becoming a mental warrior and not letting pain bother you. The [instructor] would say, ‘I don’t want to hear about your f–king MRIs or your f–king X-rays…Let’s learn how to say to the pain, ‘F–k you.'”

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