George Takei Wants Howard Stern To Mediate William Shatner Feud

Is the nearly 40 year feud between Star Trek icons William Shatner and George Takei about to reach the final frontier?

George says he’s willing to mend fences with his former co-star, as long as his chum — shock jock Howard Stern — is there to mediate.

“Bill is an energetic guy who likes to be in the spotlight,” George, who played Sulu on the original series, explained in a video interview with The Associated Press Wednesday. “However, strangely, when any of us – the rest of us invite him to things we are doing; throwing a party or one of us are getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or anything that we want to celebrate – birthdays – we’re there to celebrate, congratulate and enjoy each other – except Bill,” he added.

“Bill’s never shown up. It’s very strange because he enjoys the limelight and yet he doesn’t like the limelight to be shared with colleagues from Star Trek.”

The actor says he thinks he’s found “neutral” ground for them to settle their dispute – Howard Stern’s profane Sirius Satellite Radio show, where George is a frequent guest.

“If Bill accepts, and I would applaud his balls if he accepts and joins me in that kind of discussion with Howard mediating as an interlocutor, I said, ‘I’d be happy to do that’.”

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