George R. R. Martin Just Can’t Even With These Leggings

Photo via Poprageous Instagram

Photo via Poprageous Instagram

If there’s anyone who knows the price of fame, George R. R. Martin does. Fame means that his experience at fan conventions has changed, and that there are more demands on him, to name a few. He recently learned that in some cases, fame also means having your face stretched across somebody’s rear.

Wait, what?


Poprageous has developed a pair of leggings with George R. R. Martin’s face printed all over them, and the beleaguered fantasy writer says he is at a loss for how to respond.

After spotting the fashion statement on Sunday, Martin called them ‘stranger than strange.’

I can think a dozen things to say about those leggings, all of which would get me into deep, deep trouble, so I had better just scratch my head and say, “No, really? This must be a joke.”

I don’t think I get any money off these. But who the hell knows at this point?

A joke? They seem pretty serious. (The company’s Instagram followers LOVE them, by the way.)

Okay, he’s not really speechless. He says he can think of several things to say, but that none are appropriate. W could probably make some educated guesses about just what words are running through his mind at the moment — but how exactly does one respond when confronted with one’s own face plastered across someone’s lower half?

Every time I think my life could not possibly get any weirder, it does.

What’s the idea behind (no pun intended) this very strange fashion statement?

I HAD to make these leggings to pay homage to George R. R. Martin, the mastermind behind Game of Thrones. GRRM, you tha real MVP!

At eighty bucks a pop, that’s a lot of homage. It’s evident, though, that George R. R. Martin isn’t quite sure whether to be flattered by the gesture.

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