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George R.R. Martin Has Another Show In The Works



Move over, “Game of Thrones.” There’s a new George R.R. Martin show here to steal your spotlight.

If you’re a die-hard GOT fan, then this show is for you. And if you’re not, then you may just like The Skin Trade, the short novella Martin penned about werewolves.

The news of the show broke when Martin posted about it on his blog recently, stating that he has signed a deal with Cinemax (HBO’s sister company) to adapt his novella for television.

The novella, written back in the ’80s, is described by Martin as an “offbeat werewolf noir.” It chronicles the story of Randi Wade, a private investigator, and Willie Flambeaux, a debt collector, who are trying to solve some pretty gruesome murders. The twist is that Flambeaux is actually a werewolf.

The novella, back in the ’80s, was first published for a fiction horror compilation called Dark Visions, for which Stephen King also contributed. It then became a series of graphic novels, and finally, perhaps, a show on Cinemax.

On Martin’s blog, entitled “Not A Blog,” he goes into detail about the show-making process and what we can likely expect from this announcement. By no means, Martin asserts, does the fact that Cinemax bought the rights to the show mean that we’ll get a television show next week. Martin states the many complications and roadblocks that can occur between optioning a show and having an actual thing to watch.

Martin wrote:

“The deal is closed, and Cinemax has ordered the pilot script. This being Hollywood, of course, you never know where things will end… but if they like the script, we’ll shoot a pilot, and if they like that, hey, who knows, maybe we’ll get a series on the air.”

However, this is also George R.R. Martin we’re talking about. “Game of Thrones” was a cultural phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing in popularity, so the likelihood of having another successful show is high.

Martin also wrote about the screenwriter, Kalinda Vasquez, who has worked on “Prison Break” and “Once Upon A Time”:

Cinemax and my agents set me up for meetings with close to a dozen different Tv writers, many of them very impressive, but Kalinda’s take on the story and the characters blew me away. She loves the story and the world, and really seems to get Willie and Randi, and her pitch to Cinemax was one of the most polished and professional I’ve ever heard. I love her enthusiasm, and look forward to working with her.

Sounds like the makings for an excellent TV show!

Before signing off on his blog post, Martin snuck in a cheeky reminder that the entire civilized world (practically) is sort of waiting for another project of his to be finished. He referenced the fact that many would expect him to write the screenplay for the new maybe-show, and sassily wrote, “(And no, while I would have loved to write the script and run the show myself myself, that was never really in the cards. I have this book to finish. You know the one).”

Sadly, we do know the one. Let’s maybe focus on one smash hit show at a time, Martin?

Lisa Lo Paro
Lisa is a freelance writer and bibliophile living on the outskirts of New York City. She likes 2 a.m. with a good book, takes cream in her coffee and heavily filters her photos. Check out her blog The Most Happy, her Instagram, and Twitter.

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