George Lopez Los Angeles Mayor?

George Lopez to Run For LA Mayor:

From Late-Night to Mayor of Los Angeles?

Funny guy George Lopez looked as serious as a bed bug outbreak as he discussed his intention of running for mayor of one of the nation’s three largest cities…in eight years, of course.

“I’m going to run for… Although I don’t believe I’ll pass the background check now… I do intend to run for mayor at some point of Los Angeles… In eight years,” the host of TBS’ Lopez Tonight told Good Day Los Angeles Tuesday.

The population of “Latinos in California will be 96.4%” by 2017, the San Fernando native pointed out.

“Yes! I want to be mayor of Los Angeles. … If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be governor, why can’t George Lopez be mayor of Los Angeles? … We have O-bama and I’ll be Lo-bama.”

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