George Lopez Cheating With Prostitutes?

Has comedian George Lopez joined Tiger, Jesse, and David as the newest cad in The Brigade of Hollywood Dirtbags?

When George’s kidneys failed in 2004, his wife Ana Serrano was first in line to offer up one of hers. Ironically, a pair of Tampa Bay Ladies of the Night claim Lopez repaid his wife’s gift of life with wild weekend of tawdry sex in April 2009, The National Enquirer has learned.

Say it ain’t so, G-Lo!

“I had sex with George Lopez for money, and so did a friend of mine,” a professional escort named “Tiffany” blabbed on the pages of The Enquirer’s May 31 issue.

The busty blonde hooker claims that she and another pro named Samantha arranged a $500 date for sex (You’re fucking a millionaire and you asked for $500?!) with the self-professed “Latin King of Comedy” — host of TBS’ Lopez Tonight — during the annual Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am Charity Golf Tournament, held April 13-16, 2009.

The trio met up at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Tampa after George saw Samantha’s ad on an adult escort website.

“He wanted an outcall. That means the girl comes to him — he doesn’t go to the girl’s place. The fact that he used the term ‘outcall’ tells me he’d done this before,” Tiffany explained.

“Samantha went with George, and I went with his associate. We didn’t have sex, but he paid me anyway. Samantha told me afterward that she had sex with George, and described their sexual encounter in great detail,” she continued. “She told me he was ‘very blessed down there’ and that his taste in sex was pretty basic with nothing kinky….He paid her in cash.”

Tiffany got to see just what the funnyman was working with when she hooked up with George “for about 30 minutes” the following night.

“It was safe sex. Samantha and I insist our clients wear condoms. George did, without complaining….While we were talking, he told me he ‘saw other girls in other cities and liked to have regular girls when he travels….After we were finished, he gave me a hug and said he’d be coming back in a year or so and would like to see me again.”

Despite playing the role of a devoted family man and comforting pal Sandra Bullock through the breakup of her marriage –after husband Jesse James cheated on her with a string of women — Tiffany insists George has been texting her on and off all year and even tried to set up a threesome when he hit Tampa for the same golfing tournament last month.

“It’s very strange that George is consoling Sandra Bullock because her husband cheated on her when he’s doing the very same thing,” Tiffany told The Enquirer. “George told me that he was married, but I seriously doubt that his wife has any idea that he hooks up with prostitutes listed on online hooker websites while he’s on the road.”

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