Geo Godley Gets “Naked” On “The X Factor” & The PTC Has A Cow

The Parents Television Council (PTC) is filing a complaint against The X Factor after Seattle auditioner Geo Godley dropped his pants during a performance for the show’s two-hour season premiere.

On Friday, The PTC filed an indecency complaint against Simon Cowell’s newest singing competition stemming from Wednesday’s pant-dropping snafu. “Families were led to believe The X Factor would be family-friendly programming and instead were assaulted by graphic nudity,” the group’s president, Tim Winter, says. Winter accuses FOX and X Factor producers of choosing to air “prolonged, previously videotaped footage … when they knew full well that children would be watching.”

There were gasps, boos, and Paula Abdul almost vomited when the contestant dropped trouse on the talent show this week, but was Godley really naked? Well, it depends on who you ask. Geo claims he was not exposing himself during his viral butt-baring and simply chose to sing wearing a g-string.

“We always dance in g-strings.” Geo told Friday. “G-Strings are legal. The [Parents Television Council] have no complaint to make.” The singer, who FOX censored with a large X Factor logo, does however regret that his backside got some airtime.

“I apologize to anyone that was exposed to my behind … I had no intention of showing it and it was an accident when I fell. I was caught up in the moment.”

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