Gene Hackman Lays Smackdown on Aggressive Homeless Man

Gene Hackman was involved in a physical altercation with a homeless man in Santa Fe on Tuesday afternoon.

The acting legend, 82, was walking with his wife, Besty, in the city’s Downtown district when the couple was approached by a homeless man. The Hackman have come in contact with the individual in the past and had even given him food and money, according to Captain Aric Wheeler of the Santa Fe, New Mexico Police Department,

But in a bizarre turn of events, Hackman and the homeless man became involved in a verbal argument during which the man called Hackman’s wife a “cunt.”

And that’s when all Hades broke loose.

The situation then escalated, as the man then approached the couple in a threatening manner. Hackman felt endangered by the man’s move and reportedly responded by slapping him. Local police were called to scene and spoke to both parties.

No arrests or citations were made.

“It was a simple battery case and it appears Mr. Hackman was acting in self-defense because he was concerned for his safety.”

The retired Hackman hasn’t appeared on film since 2004, but the Oscar-winning Unforgiven actor will narrate an upcoming Martin Scorsese project entitled The Wolf of Wall Street.

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