Gary Harris Suffers Embarrassing Fall After Crossover From Dwight Buycks [Watch]


Gary Harris, a relatively unknown NBA player to most people, unless you closely followed his college career as a member of the Michigan State Spartans, was on the receiving end of quite an embarrassing play last night.

The play occurred in a game between the Nuggets and the Lakers, resulting in a 119-101 victory for the Lakers, a team that was able to pull out all the tricks including ankle-breaking plays from a player that most people have never heard of.

On the play, an unknown player to basketball fans everywhere, Dwight Buycks destroyed Gary Harris’ ankles in a crossover that sent him flying to the ground. Clearly, neither player gets much playing time, and unfortunately for Harris, Buycks was able to make the most of his time on the court.

It is the type of play that is hard to witness for the defender, and one that no player ever wants to be a part of. The fact that he was even in the game may seem like a mystery to some people, but since it is the end of the season, and somehow the Lakers had a huge lead in a game, both teams were playing through their bench.

Perhaps Harris just needed a bit of a break, as he is seen completely sitting down at one point during the play.


Gary Harris is a member of the Denver Nuggets, and along with the Lakers and a handful of other teams, they Nuggets haven’t even been able to win more games than they have lost this season.

However, when fans remember how bad the Eastern Conference is to have a 6th ranked team with a record of 38-40, perhaps the Nuggets’ record of 29-49 doesn’t seem so bad among the major teams in the West. The Lakers are even worse with a record of 20-58, so how were they able to destroy the Nuggets by such a large margin last night?

If you loved seeing Gary Harris land on the floor during that wild crossover, then check out the recent move that Stephen Curry put on Chris Paul. The clip provided entertainment for everyone and there were tons of outrageous memes made to go along with it.

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