Game Of Thrones Fans, ‘Humans Of Westeros’ Is Your New Favorite Fan Page


If you love Game Of Thrones and are familiar with the social media hit, Humans Of New York, you’re going to love Humans Of Westeros. As the name suggests, it’s a parody of HONY, with characters from Westeros. Posts consist of an image of a Game of Thrones character, major or minor, with a Humans of New York-esque caption.

The captions sometimes use actual lines from the show, or refer to inside jokes that only fans could be expected to get, but they often just sound like something a person in Westeros would have to say about day-to-day life in the Seven Kingdoms.

The captioning here, for instance, is definitely Hot Pie talking.

This one uses one of Dolorous Edd’s own quotes from Game of Thrones.

However, some characters get captions that are much more creative, bringing Westeros into the 21st Century. Check this one out, with Pyat Pree, on of the warlocks Dany encountered in Qarth, telling Humans of Westeros about his budding singing career.

Humans of Westeros is rife with revelations, too — who knew that Cersei Lannister was so into Beyonce? This excellent interview with the character also gets to the roots of her own background, hardships, and motivations. It may be hard to feel much sympathy when she’s crown-deep in conspiracies from power-seeking to murder, but there’s no doubt growing up as Tywin Lannister’s daughter had its difficulties.

The Humans of Westeros Facebook page has dozens more, including Tyrion, Pod, Brann, a White Walker, and others. You can also find some of their best Game of Thrones character mock interviews on HOW’s new Twitter account.

After a break between Game of Thrones seasons, Humans of Westeros has recently resumed posting new stories, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, there is more to come!

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