Game Of Thrones Animated Series: George R. R. Martin “Boy, Am I Glad” To Have Turned That Down


Game of Thrones was almost an animated series -- instead of this.

Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin has been in a chatty mood the past few days, it seems — on his blog, he’s been talking at length about a wide variety of topics, including the upcoming season and the loss of fellow fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett. He even answered several questions from readers. In the process, though, he revealed something surprising: there was almost a Game of Thrones animated series — and Martin is glad it never happened.

The revelation came about as the writer answered questions about A Song Of Ice And Fire, and the HBO adaptation. When one fan, going by the screen name Fairfax, asked Martin if he had ever been approached for an animated series, the author’s response was surprising: not only had he been approached, he had been considering it.

In fact, Martin went on to say, a major animator, who he leaves unnamed, approached him with a deal before HBO did. What’s more, he was giving the idea serious consideration — he says he was ‘on the fence.’

Why did the Game of Thrones animated series fall through?

It wasn’t because a satisfactory deal couldn’t be reached or because George R. R. Martin wasn’t convinced his creation would do well in an animated form — instead, it was over a single incident in which an executive was scheduled to meet Martin, and failed to either show up or contact the author to let him know he’d be absent.

Martin says that he did receive an apology, but that by then, he’d backed off the idea of an animated series enough not to be interested in reopening discussions.

He doesn’t regret it, though. The HBO series is a huge hit, and, with regard to the missed opportunity, Martin’s closing comment was this:

And boy, am I glad of that. Maybe things do happen for a reason.

TELL US: If George R. R. Martin had gone through with it, do you think a Game of Thrones animated series would’ve been a success, or a flop?

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