Gabby Douglas’ Mom Bankrupt

The mother of Olympic gymnast Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas filed for bankruptcy protection just months before the so-called “Flying Squirrel’s” historic gold medal win in London.

Natalie Hawkins filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Virginia, with assets totaling $163,706.10 and debt totaling $79,754.14, according to a bankruptcy documents obtained by TMZ. Hawkins owes Capital One $1,534, Sprint $158, T-Mobile $413, an Iowa orthodontist $408 and $4,350 in student loan debt, the court filing shows.

The single mom of four agreed to pay a monthly fee of $408 to a trustee, who will divide it among her creditors.

On Thursday, Gabby became the first African-American gymnast to win the all-around event at this year’s Summer Olympics. Already a team gold medal winner at the games, the 17-year-old’s win in the prestigious event was significant on several fronts: For starters, she beat the highly touted Russian favorite, defied those uncertain that she would be able to handle the pressure and became the first ever person of color to nab the coveted gold medal.

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