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Frankie Grande Learns of Grandfather’s Death During “Big Brother” Live Feed


Big Brother contestant Frankie Grande has been given the news, against the wishes of his famous sister, that his grandfather has died.

Frankie, who is the older brother of “Problem” singer Ariana Grande, broke down in tears after learning via letter that his grandfather lost a lengthy battle with cancer in a Florida hospital on Tuesday. The show’s rules prohibit contestants from using social media during their time in the Big Brother house and the Grande family initially feared that notifying of the illness (and eventual passing) would prompt him to quit the show before he had a chance to get his hands on the coveted $1 million grand prize.

As Ariana tweeted, her grandfather insisted that Frankie not be told of his condition:

“asked grandps last week if he wanted us to pull frankie off bb & he said ‘no way! he’s gotta play the game even tho i don’t understand it’ “

The family hasn’t revealed why they changed their minds about informing Frankie. Additionally, the aspiring actor hasn’t revealed whether or not he plans to continue competing on the show.


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