“Frankie & Alice” Trailer [Feat. Halle Berry & Chandra Wilson]

Academy Award winner Halle Berry is once again prompting early Oscar buzz for her new role in the psychological drama, Frankie & Alice. Halle Berry put in extensive time preparing to play the part of a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder (now known as disassociative personality disorder).

The film, which co-stars Stellan Skarsgard and Grey’s Anatomy’s Chandra Wilson, chronicles the life of a young woman struggling with MPD — a disorder that continues to divide the medical community — and torn between herself and a racist alter-personality, Alice. Set in 1970s Los Angeles, Frankie is an exotic dancer, whose blackouts led her to seek the professional opinion of a research psychiatrist (played by Skarsgard). Together, Frankie and the doc retrace the steps to the past, which leads them to a traumatic even in 1950s Georgia that left Frankie a broken woman.

“I read lots of books – thick medical dense books that took me awhile to get through,” says Halle, who also produces the feature. “I watched tape of real people who suffer with multiple personality disorder and then I just talked to the real people.”

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