France Is About To Ban Super Skinny Models And Eating Disorder Websites


France to ban anorexic models

Creepily skinny models are about to be out of work in France. The countries health officials and other governmental agencies are working on a ban that would forbid pictures and videos of models who are deemed unhealthy because of their weight and associated eating disorders.

The country will follow in the footsteps of Italy, Spain, and Israel, all of which outlawed the use of anorexic models in ad campaigns. Speaking about the two proposed amendments in France, Socialist politician Olivier Veran says the changes to the country’s health bill would punish anyone who employs models with eating disorders.

Under the new law, regular weight checks will be required and fines up to $79,000 will be issued for any violations. Staffers who hire anorexic models could also be faced with up to six months in jail.

The law doesn’t stop there, the amendments would shut down any websites that give young girls tips on how to starve themselves. Website owners who continue to operate could face one year in prison and fines up to $10,575.

While the law aims to avoid further eating disorders among impressionable young women, critics note that Body Mass Index is not an indicator of good health, and that it is unfair to ban naturally skinny models from landing modeling gigs.

The country’s decision to target anorexic models comes at a time when upwards of 40,000 people in France are believed to suffer from an eating disorder related to their weight. 90 percent of all eating disorder sufferers are children and teens.

Over the last decade the internet has done a good job of opening up the fashion world to “non-typical models.” From plus-sized lingerie companies to campaigns aimed at “curvy women” there is no shortage of non-skinny models and it looks like France is simply taking the shift one step further in the hopes of protecting young and impressionable model hopefuls.

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