Fox Releases Trailer For ‘Grandfathered’ Featuring John Stamos And Christina Milian [Watch]


Fox has unveiled a number of trailers for its upcoming shows including Grandfathered. Grandfathered is certainly a unique type of show and that could be what will intrigue viewers and get them interested.

The series features John Stamos in a role that is not Uncle Jesse, which should be entertaining to see, and he is joined by singer and actress Christina Millian, who plays the mother of his grandson.

The show will air on Fox and while it is not the network typically known for popular comedies, Fox recently had success with Last Man On Earth, and this series looks like it could be a hit as well.

In addition to Grandfathered, Fox is looking to beef up its roster with a TV version of Minority Report, which just released its action-packed trailer starring Meagan Good and Stark Sands yesterday and it looks like it will be amazing.

The Fox comedy will center around Jimmy (Stamos) who is the ultimate bachelor, much like his character on Full House, but things are given a quick spin when he finds out that he is not only a dad but a grandfather as well.


Christina Milian looks intriguing in the role already referring to Stamos’ character as hot, but old, as most young women probably would. Jimmy’s son (Josh Peck) wants to think of her more than just someone he had a kid with and have more of a relationship with her and asks for his dad’s help, but what does he really know about having a family?

“Suddenly, I’m actually worrying about someone I care about,” he says in reference to his young granddaughter and at the end of the trailer, he even kisses her showing that the series will be hilarious and also sweet and touching.

Fox’s Grandfathered will premiere in the fall and feature a fun concept that should excite viewers. The fact that John Stamos is returning to TV is a big deal and Christina Milian should draw in a number of fans as well.

Tobias Roth
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