Former “Bachelor” Matt Grant Producing “Pimp My Bride”

Matt Grant — former star of The Bachelor — is spearheading a new reality show called Pimp My Bride. No — we’re not kidding. The British financer, who was engaged to Hollywood socialite Shayne Lamas during Season 12 of The Bachelor: London Calling , claims Warner Brothers has already picked up the show.

“[It’s] an organic follow-up to The Bachelor,” Matt explains. “It’s about the groom being in control of the wedding.”

He also reveals he may star on the upcoming ABC reality show Bachelor Pad, where contestants from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette compete in a Big Brother style house.

“They’ve asked me to possibly do this Bachelor Pad show. It’s like Big Brother Bachelor with all the Bachelors in a house. I’ve thought about doing it because I’m obviously not famous anymore and it would give me fifteen minutes of fame!”

Grant split from Lamas only months after the show.

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