Former 007 Agent, Pierce Brosnan’s Malibu Home Catches on Fire

An investigation has been underway since Thursday after a fire damaged the beachfront home of actor Pierce Brosnan on Wednesday evening. Brosnan is best known for his portrayal of Agent 007 in several of the James Bond movies.


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The fire started out shortly after 9:30 Wednesday night in the 31100 block of Broad Beach Road, according to Inspector Miguel Ornelas of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. As many as 20 firefighters responded to residential fir. It has been reported that they were able to put the flames out within 30 minutes, an L.A. County Fire public information officer said early Thursday.


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Video shows flames engulfing the garage of the house. And apparently there has been some damage to the bedroom closest to the garage.
Pierce Brosnan was home with his family when the fire broke out. , There has been no injuries reported so it would appear that everyone had gotten out of the home safely although a obviously upset Brosnan was seen walking around the property.
One neighbor told KTLA that this was the second fire that took place on Brosnan’s property. The previous fire had destroyed the home. “Their last house totally burned down several years ago, and then it took them several years to build this house,” Andy Stern said. “It’s an unusual house. Going through the permitting process and building it just took a long time,” adding that it was a “fabulous house.”


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A guestroom and the garage were the only places that seem to sustained from damage

The 13,000 square-foot residence is to be worth approximately over $18 million, according to records on the online real estate database Zillow.
According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department the estimated cost of damage from the fire is $1 million. Investigators are still working to determine its cause.


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 Beach view of Pierce Brosnan’s $18.2 million dollar Malibu home


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