Forbes Says: Oprah’s Still the Richest of ‘Em All

We keep hearing about all the financial struggles plaguing Oprah’s groundbreaking television network.

Thankfully for the Queen of Talk, ratings haven’t impacted her checking account.

Oprah still raked in fistfuls of dough ($165 million, if you want to get technical…) between May 2011 to May 2012, according to Forbes’ latest annual Highest-Paid Celebrities list.

The authority on all things finance has named Winfrey the highest-paid celebrity for the fourth year in a row. In fact, she’s only woman in the Top 10.

In 2011, the media mogul quit her iconic self-titled talk show after a quarter century. Instead, she turned her focus to running her own network. The OWN network’s ratings peaked at around 153,000 daily viewers when it replaced the Discovery Health channel in January 2011. But by October, the daily numbers had slid down to around 121,000.

Oprah has assured fans that she’s committed to rescuing her monogrammed TV channel.

“I would absolutely say it is and was not where I want it to be for year one. I am a determined and committed woman. I don’t give up. I’m just getting started.”

Forbes, on the other hand, isn’t holding out much hope that OWN will help O cling to the top spot for a fifth year.

“Her reign might not last much longer as this is the last year we’ll count any of her syndication money,” the publication wrote.

Forbes Top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities 2012:

1. Oprah Winfrey, $165 million

2. Michael Bay, $160 million

3. Steven Spielberg, $130 million

4. Jerry Bruckheimer, $115 million

5. Dr Dre, $110 million

6. Tyler Perry, $105 million

7. Howard Stern, $95 million

8. James Patterson, $94 million

9. George Lucas, $90 million

10. Simon Cowell, $90 million

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