Floyd Mayweather: Literally Going for the Gold


Money and professional athletics go hand in hand when you reach high enough levels, particularly in boxing. This professional path as an athlete can be fraught with pitfalls that concern fame and excessive amount of cash. A brief look at the rise of Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. gives us a good idea of just what professional athletes who quickly rise to stardom in the world of boxing must contend with.

One of the first fights that Mayweather won to set records in terms of financial gain was against Saul Alvarez at the MGM Grand Arena. This Las Vegas boxing match was set to earn him a record $41.5 million. Once everything was said and done, however, he earned over $100 million thanks to pay-per-view earnings and associated revenue. Mayweather easily falls into the top rankings of the highest paid professional athletes on the planet. He made the Forbes listing for just this category, sitting in the company of other highly paid professionals such as Tiger Woods. In 2012, Mayweather claimed the Forbes number one ranking for the highest paid professional athlete in the world.

Mayweather’s career has certainly been impressive as far as statistics go. He has been the reigning champion in five different boxing divisions. He has 26 wins by KO and his career has 45 total wins. By the age of 36, this boxer has exactly 0 losses under his belt. However, many people has questioned whether earning the most money in boxing necessarily makes one the greatest. Mayweather can certainly claim to be the wealthiest boxer, but it remains to be seen whether he is the greatest of all time.

Muhammad Ali has been called the greatest boxer of all time again and again. Statistically he does seem to out weigh Mayweather in many ways even though he may not stack up when it comes to his bank account. Ali certainly managed to earn more nicknames over his career, including “The Greatest,” “The People’s Champion,” and “The Louisville Lip.” Ali’s nicknames certainly seem to be more charismatic than the simple titles given to Mayweather that include “Pretty Boy.” Ali has more wins to date and also has earned the gold medal at the Olympics. Mayweather only brought home the bronze.

Boxing, Money, and Health: The Floyd Mayweather Case Study
Source: Sports Management Degree Hub