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Flavor Flav RIP


Grab your vicking horn hat and come observe the remains of Flavor Flav, may he rest in peace. I’m sad to see him go this way. It’s painful. Not for him – for me.

/images/placeholder.gifThis man was once a classically trained pianist who became a cornerstone of the political hip-hop movement back in the 80’s. Public Enemy was IT. It was SO IT that my parents wouldn’t let me listen to it. And Flavor Flav who basically invented the ironic, over-the-top delivery later mimicked by Busta Rhymes, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Eminem.

I know it’s tough when you’re career stalls, and a few run-ins with the law is par for the course. But a run in with Bridgette Nielson on the Sureal life is right out. To ad lemon juice to my paper cut, VH1 followed that up with ‘Strange Love’ about his nauseating new relationship. His latest reality show ‘Flavor of Love’ – like The Bachelor with a big clock around his neck – aims to fill the big, big, big void left by Bridgette. Gouge out my eyes now! Quickly! Before I have to see Janice Dickensen one more time!

It’s sad dude, it’s just sad. So goobye Foofy-Foofy. I’m sure glad Flavor Flav isn’t around to see you go.


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