First Look: “Veronica Mars” Movie Trailer

On Friday, Warner Bros. released the first official trailer for the upcoming Veronica Mars movie.

Kristen Bell starred as high school outcast-turned-private investigator on the cult TV series. The show was dropped after three seasons when UPN and The WB merged to become The CW Network in 2006.

But devoted fans never stopped loving it. After appealing to supporters, film producers raised millions in the most successful Kickstarter campaign in history. Now the long-awaited Veronica Mars flick is just a few months away.

The Rob Thomas-directed feature will offer plenty of what longtime Mars fans have been looking for, including car chases, action sequences and a glimpse at Veronica’s new life as a high-powered Manhattan attorney. There will also be appearances by former castmembers, including Enrico Colantoni (as Veronica’s dad), Percy Daggs III, Jason Dohring, Tina Majorino and Ryan Hansen as Dick Casablancas.

Mark your calendars: Veronica Mars opens in theaters March 14.

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