Fired Rehab Worker Dawn Holland Will Not Sue/Press Charges Against Lohan

Dawn Holland, the Betty Ford Treatment Center employee accusing actress Lindsay Lohan of criminal battery, will not sue the Mean Girls star or continue prosecution against the screen starlet, Holland’s lawyer told The TODAY Show Wednesday.

Holland, a chemical dependency technician at the rehabilitation center, has alleged that the troubled starlet assaulted her when she tried to administer a Breathalyzer test on Dec. 12. Holland was fired Tuesday after speaking with gossip website TMZ about the alleged assault. Lohan’s representatives, on the other hand, say it was Holland who shoved Lohan first, prompting the actress to “push back.”

“My client, Dawn Holland applauds Miss Lohan, she congratulates her efforts,” says Holland’s attorney, Keith Davidson. “She’s seen firsthand what Miss Lohan has gone through. She herself is a recovering addict and she wants nothing more than Miss Lohan to get better, get well and heal herself. Dawn has no ax to bear with Lindsay. Dawn is rooting Lindsay on, and praying for her recovery.”

While Holland will not sue Lohan, civil rights claims and wrongful termination claims against her employer remained a possibility, Davidson said.

“From the very outset of this incident, Betty Ford had really attacked my client, had ordered her not to speak to the police, had ordered her, once she did speak to the police, to change her story. This is all in an effort to protect their own image in this very competitive rehabilitation marketplace.”

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