Film About John Lennon’s Murder Can’t Capture Distribution

“Chapter 27,” the controversial film starring Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto as Mark David Chapman, the man who gunned down former Beatle John Lennon in front of his New York home in 1980, joins “Hound Dog” as a Sundance Film Festival flick that has yet to snag studio distribution willing to put the film in theaters..

“Chapter,” has reportedly ended the friendship between star Lindsay Lohan and J.L’s son Sean Lennon:

“Lindsay was my friend. I don’t want to hurt her feelings by talking about it in public, but I think it’s a bit of a tacky idea,” the younger Lennon told “The Insider.”

The film is being threatened with a boycott if it ever does reach theaters.

An online petition has more than two thousand signatures from John Lennon fans pledging not to see the film:

“It fulfills Chapman’s own prophecy of becoming famous through murdering Lennon,” the petition says.

“I think it’s nonsense,” executive producer John Flock told New York City gossip mongers Rush and Molloy of the boycott. “The people who are calling for a boycott more likely than not haven’t seen it. It’s not a sympathetic portrayal. He comes off as a monster in the end.

“And I think it was the single best individual performance at Sundance. I think he’s going to be nominated for an Academy Award.”

He also claims that distributors are “swarming.”

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