Farrah Fawcett Cuts Ryan O’Neal Out Of Will

Ryan O’Neal inherits a big fat zero! Last summer, whispers emerged claiming ’70s sex symbol Farrah Fawcett had willed her entire fortune to her heroin-addled son Redmond, 24. Well, details of Farrah’s final Will & Testament have emerged — and in a shocking twist the rumors have been confirmed; the actress’ longtime love, Ryan O’Neal, will get nothing from her estate.
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The Charlie’s Angel icon left $4.5 million estate to her son, $500,000 to her nephew Greg Walls, $500,000 to her father James, and $100,000 to ex-lover Greg Lott. Farrah, 62, updated her will on Aug. 9, 2007, less than two years before she passed away last June 25, after a lengthy battle against anal cancer.

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