Farrah Fawcett Cancer Documentary — “It Is Seriously Time For A Miracle”

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Farrah Fawcett opens up about her two-and-a-half year battle with cancer in a two-hour NBC special airing this Friday at 9 PM.

Shot with her own home video recorder, the 62-year-old actress shares her thoughts on living with the disease that is slowly killing her.

“Of all the things I’ve ever hoped for in my life, finding a doctor to surgically remove my anal cancer did not even make the top one million on my list….” “But now it was number one, number one as in, primary cancer, meaning it was the first in and for that reason, it needed to be the first out,” the 70s sex symbol says in Farrah’s Story.

“Because it was this peanut-sized tumor that had sent its army of mutant cells into my liver. And it would continue to send reinforcements into any organ into my body unless someone did something to stop it.”

“I know that everyone will die eventually, but I do not want to die of this disease. I want to stay alive,” she says. “So I say to God, because it is, after all, in his hands. It is seriously time for a miracle.”

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