Fans Petition for Jay Z Beyonce “Run” Movie

Never underestimate the power of a legion of Beyonce fans.

Over the weekend, Queen Bey and hubby Jay Z kicked promotion for their upcoming summer stadium tour into first gear with the premiere of “Run” — a shoot ’em up, bang-bang mini-movie, featuring cameos by Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Emmy Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively and Rashida Jones. The faux trailer was almost instantly panned by critics who have accused Mr. and Mrs. Carter of promoting gun violence.

But there’s always Team Beysus, isn’t there?

Many of the couple’s always devoted fanbase was so impressed with the “Run” production that they’d like to see the fake movie turned into a real motion picture event.

Imagine that.

Over 2,000 fans have signed a petition urging Jay and Bey to make “Run” their next big business venture.

“After the release of Beyoncé and JAY Z’s RUN trailer, which was released on May 18, 2014. Millions of fans across the world became devestated (sic) after seeing “coming never” at the end of the exciting and action-packed RUN trailer. We, the BeyHive and JAY Z fans, would love for our two favorite artists to actually make a full length movie based off of the trailer. Why? It would most definitely sell millions. It’s also casted (sic) so perfectly (Don Cheadle, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Penn) and most importantly, it would make your fans happy.”

Might we suggest casting Solange Knowles as a Nubian kickboxing ninja?

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