Fans “Disappointed” After One Direction Stars Zayn and Louis Are Caught Smoking Marijuana

British tabloid The Daily Mail has fanned the flames of what’s sure to be a firestorm after publishing a nearly four-minute video of One Direction crooners Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking — what looks a helluva lot like — a marijuana joint.

Not exactly the kind of behavior that bodes well with the band’s tween fanbase…or, perhaps even more importantly, the tweeners’ parents.

The footage was shot last month, en route to a concert in Peru. It captures the British-born bandmates dropping loose-lipped barbs that would make a sailor blush as they pass a joint back and forth. Interestingly enough, the boys appear well aware they’re being filmed.

Reps for the multiplatinum-selling recording artists have so far been tight-lipped about the leaked video, saying only, “The matter is now in the hands of our lawyers.” The band’s devoted legion of fans (gleefully dubbed “One Directioners”), have been surprisingly critical (Insert dropping jaw here!) of Zayn and Louis’ behavior, however; with some even drawing comparisons between the singers’ drug use and the recent downward spiral of another formerly squeaky-clean popster: Justin Bieber.

YouTuber KatiaGutie10 is “disappointed” that Zayn and Louis didn’t think of the public embarrassment their pot puffin’ session would have on their bandmates:

“I don’t ‘hate’ Zayn and Louis for doing this (my opinion) but I believe they’re old enough to take care of themselves. I am somewhat disappointed because they should of put Liam, Harry, and Niall in consideration. And I just hope this doesn’t change one direction or anything, because they are amazing guys :)”

AvaKindelle disagreed, writing;

“But they’re also old enough to know the effects of smoking weed and what will happen if they keep doing it, that it will kill their job and one direction :(“

The reaction quickly turned from “disappointed” to downright disgusted. Parkie355 seemed to master that emotion:

“This is just another pathetic way of showing that they’re ‘grown up.’ One Direction and there fan base are complete cunts through and through.”

Avalon Deltaya argued that drug use (no matter much a gateway drug marijuana all of a sudden isn’t any more) is just wrong.

“It’s an extremely bad example, my little sister loves them and I(sic) wouldn’t want her copying off of them.”

Some self-exiled Directioners reportedly sold or destroyed band memorabilia and tickets after the marijuana video began trending on Tuesday. Music industry insiders are analyzing how this mini-scandal could impact the band’s future. Zayn and Louis now face the possibility of being barred from entering the United States, where they are set to tour this summer.

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