“Family Guy” Headed Across The Pond

The foul-mouthed Griffin Clan is headed across the pond. Britain’s Channel 4 is launching an English version of FOX’s cult animated comedy Family Guy.

Jay Hunt, the network’s chief creative officer, is using Seth MacFarlane’s hitcom as a springboard for Happy Families, an “edgy” cartoon that will follow the lives of a typical suburban family living in the UK. Written by brothers Jack and Harry Williams (Honest, Roman’s Empire), Happy Families is set in “the heart of British suburbia where a family much like any other lives – well sort of.”

“It will feature cameos from celebrities as you’ve never seen them before,” Hunt promises.

“The combination of slick American animation with quintessentially British humour gives Happy Families a really distinctive feel. Not only is the dialogue laugh-out-loud funny, it’s packed with fantastic celebrity cameos and satirical swipes at every turn,” Channel 4’s Comedy Commissioning Editor Nerys Evans chimed in.

Taking over the Peter Griffin-esque role on the spinoff is Edgar; a poor sap who works for his self-obsessed, borderline-evil father-in-law Ken Lavender. Edgar’s wife Wendy and three children, “weirdo Dusty, idiot Jason, and emo Eve,” round out the cast.

The six-part series will be produced and animated by Rough-Draft, the Los Angeles-based company behind Family Guy, Futurama, and 2007’s The Simpsons Movie.

“Channel 4 commissioning an animation on this scale shows just how committed they are to bringing something new to the comedy schedules,” say sibs Jack and Harry. “We’re delighted to be working with Shane and Nerys on this fun and ambitious project. They’re a rare breed of comedy commissioner – in that they have a sense of humor.”

Happy Families is expected to debut this fall.

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