“Family Guy” Spoofs “Precious”

Family Guy’s taking on Precious — Sorta….

The envelope-pushing comedy is campaigning for a Primetime Emmy, in typical Family Guy fashion, series writers have selected a tongue-in-cheek image for their 2010 Emmy mailer. This year, Peter Griffin’s does his best Gabby Sidibe by parodying the promo poster from the 2009 Oscar-nominated flick, Precious.

Also included in the mailer are these taglines:

“Family Guy – written by 8 WASPS, 6 Jews, 2 Asian and 1 Gay.

We peaked 3 years ago, so by your logic we should get an Emmy now

You have to vote for us — we did a holocaust episode

Family Guy with Tina Fey… Not really, we just want an Emmy”

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