Brixx Pizza Waitress Fired After Facebook Rant

Facebook has gotten someone else fired. Ashley Johnson, a 22-year-old North Carolina waitress, just learned what you should already know – your friends aren’t the only ones reading your Facebook page. After serving a couple for three hours last week — including one hour after she was supposed to be off the clock — and receiving a lousy $5 tip in return, Ashley let loose on the duo on her Facebook page…to disastrous consequences: she’s now out of a job…

She blasted the couple on Facebook, calling them cheap and mentioning the restaurant by name, according to The Charlotte Observer. A few days later, Brixx managers told Johnson that her job was being terminated because she violated a company policy banning workers from speaking ill of customers and casting the restaurant in a bad light on the social networking giant.

“We definitely care what people say about our customers,” said Jeff Van Dyke, one of the partners who run the restaurant.

“It was my own fault,” Ashley told the paper. “I did write the message. But I had no idea that something that, to me is very small, could result in my losing my job.”

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