Facebook Bans Kylie Minogue Teddy Bear Photo

Hey Facebook, what have you got against teddy bears!?

A seemingly-innocent photo of Australian pop star Kylie Minogue holding a big teddy bear has been banned from Facebook. The social networking site apparently thinks the pic is too racy to be seen on the Interwebs.

Excuse us, but have you seen the cesspool formerly known as MySpace?

The photo shows the 42-year-old “Locomotion” hitmaker holding a bear given to her by a fan during a recent show at the world-famous G-A-Y Nightclub in London. It seems innocent and sweet enough, so many were perplexed when the Facebook Gods yanked the image from the page of a devoted Kylie fan. Apparently, the site’s censors went gaga after noticing that Minogue is seen holding a microphone in one hand between the legs of the pantless stuffed toy’s legs.

“We do not allow photos that contain nudity, drug use or violence,” the company explained in an email.

C’mon son!

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