Excessive Spending Blamed For Nicolas Cage Bankruptcy

Nicolas Cage is having mayjah cash-flow problems, but the National Treasure star may run into a pickle proving his former manager played a hand in his demise. Cage once spent $276,000 on a 67-million-year-old dinosaur skull — that’s just one of the eyebrow-raising items Nic reportedly forked over fistfuls of cash for.

Nicolas Cage Broke

In October, Nicolas – who has been forced to put several of his properties on the market after failing to pay $6 million in back taxes to IRS — filed a lawsuit claiming Samuel Levin, his ex-manager, led him “down a path of financial ruin.”

The 45-year-old grossed a collective $3.9 billion over the course of his more than 25 year career, but Cage’s lavish purchases have left his checking account running on empty. Nicolas owns a jet, two yachts, three castles, and owns two islands in the Bahamas; he also has a fleet of fifty sports cars, as well as a number of mansions. But the most bizarre purchase came in 2007, when the star outbid Titanic’s DiCaprio for a skull claimed to be from a prehistoric beast.

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